October 25, 2023 / Press

Have you met Connor? Get to know the new guy

With Connor Greenbaum on board, we’re ever stronger and more ready to change the way we shop. He will manage operations for our people, finance and community teams, while also supporting product, logistics and marketing operations.

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October 24, 2023 / Press

More than just an Amazon rival

Myti is one of “Seven Vermont Tech Startups Worth Watching” according to Seven Days — we’d have to agree with that. Founder Bill Calfee speaks with the publication about the value of keeping it local.

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September 29, 2023 / In the News

Burlington startup takes on Amazon with an online marketplace for local businesses

[Originally Published on the Burlington Free Press] A Burlington startup is taking on Amazon in an effort to keep the millions of dollars Vermonters spend with the online giant in…

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August 17, 2023 / Blog

The Local Multiplier Effect: Why Buying Local Matters More Than You Know

In an era characterized by globalization and interconnectedness, it’s easy to overlook the profound impact that local economies can have on community growth and sustainability. The concept of the “local…

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July 25, 2023 / Blog

Local is Mighty! The Economic Impact of Small Retail

In the era of giant eCommerce monopolies, it’s easy to overlook the importance and charm of small retail businesses. The act of shopping locally is a powerhouse of economic impact…

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July 11, 2023 / Blog

Support Local Business with Myti

We get it. It’s easy to open an app on your phone, shop for what you need, and pay right then and there. There are certainly plenty of large-scale retailers…

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June 16, 2023 / Blog

Myti’s Sustainability Mission

Myti was started as an alternative to e-commerce giants for those who wish to protect our local communities and economies, support small local businesses, and protect our environment from the…

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May 15, 2023 / Blog

Behind “free” shipping

Myti has built a thoughtful and elegant solution to the logistics challenge created by the demand for free and fast shipping. Keep in mind, there’s no such thing as “free”…

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May 1, 2023 / Blog

The Power of Local

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards shopping locally and supporting small businesses within our communities. While it can be tempting to opt for the convenience of…

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September 26, 2022 / Press

First Test for Vermont Startup Aiming to Take On Online Retail Giants

(Originally published at WCAX) A Burlington startup that aims to take a bite out of online e-commerce giants had a mighty big showing in beta testing. Dozens and dozens of…

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September 8, 2022 / Press

Vermont Startup Aims to Use Strength in Numbers to Become One-Stop Local Online Shop

(Originally published at WCAX) Vermonters each year spend hundreds of millions of dollars on online shopping. That’s money that largely leaves the state and doesn’t come back. But a local…

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June 6, 2022 / Press

A Burlington Entrepreneur Plans to Launch an Amazon Rival With a Buy-Local Mission

Bill Calfee had no work experience in the tech sector when he dreamed up Myti. Founded in 2020, the e-commerce platform will soon enable online shoppers to buy from retailers…

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