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We make it easy to reach more local customers

While you focus on walk-in customers, Myti captures online sales and drops them into your POS system. Your staff puts orders aside, and Myti takes it from there. Streamlined pickup, packaging, and rapid delivery.

Our Shopkeeper Care team will help connect your POS system to the Myti shopping platform. Real humans are available for questions and advice. Even in-person visits.

Your store benefits from more sales without additional money spent on marketing.

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Shopkeepers have access to the data we collect

What are customers searching for?

How many of a particular product are sold in the state?

What items are top sellers in your area?

Myti shares these and other statistics.

Big eCommerce companies don’t share this data. They funnel it back into their marketing strategy. Myti shares this information freely with partners. Use this data to inform decisions about your inventory and strengthen your business.

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