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Myti is the new online platform where shoppers find their daily necessities from local businesses with a thoughtful fulfillment system that delivers to your doorstep.

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The Problem

Small businesses are the lifeblood of local economies, responsible for two-thirds of all new jobs. Money that stays in the local economy compounds as wages paid and contributions to local culture. Ecommerce giants pull billions of dollars out of communities, mostly selling everyday products often available down the street or around the block. Until now, consumers had no convenient alternative.

Shipping those products across the country has an enormous negative environmental impact. Product returns from Amazon alone results in 5.8 Billion pounds of new products in our landfills (because it’s cheaper to throw them away than to restock). Until now, consumers had no easy alternative.

Every small business that closes is a loss to that community…the people they employ, the community events they support, their personal interactions and contributions to the culture. Until now, local stores facing loss of sales to eCommerce giants had no alternative.


Myti gives consumers and store owners an easy, convenient, and human-centered solution to these problems.


Myti allows consumers to find and buy the products they depend on, with a more reliable and sustainable logistics solution, that keeps more money in the local community.

Myti allows local stores to compete collectively with eCommerce giants. Stores benefit from additional sales without additional money spent on marketing.

Your Opportunity

Growth in eCommerce is logarithmic. It is an opportunity with no visible ceiling. The timing for Myti is perfect. Shoppers love the ease and convenience of online shopping… and are unhappy with the eCommerce giants.

Myti has raised $2 million in seed funding already and we’re raising another $2.5 million in this round. Myti is offering qualified investors a convertible note with a 3-year term and 6% interest and a 10% discount upon conversion.

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The Myti Vision

We see a world with vibrant intra-connected, and interconnected communities that support all the dynamic cultural, social, financial, and environmental needs of the people who live there. Everyone knows, belongs in, and loves their community.