July 11, 2023

Support Local Business with Myti

We get it. It’s easy to open an app on your phone, shop for what you need, and pay right then and there. There are certainly plenty of large-scale retailers that provide exactly that, and they’re utilized every day for purchases of all sizes. From cars to cotton balls, the allure of online shopping is clear – fast. Efficient. Instant.

The ease of online shopping doesn’t negate the fact that supporting local is important and vital to the community. In a world dominated by eCommerce giants, it’s easy to overlook the impact of supporting local businesses in our daily lives.

What if we told you that supporting local can happen with a push of a button, just like those eCommerce giants?

We’re Myti, and we’re changing the way you look at local.

By choosing to spend your hard-earned dollars locally, you directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of your community. Not only that, but you can feel good about the products you’re bringing into your home, life, and family. Myti allows you to virtually look the butcher in the eye when you make a purchase, so to speak. You might not have met the cow, but you certainly know where it comes from!

In an era where convenience and competitive prices are key, where every eCommerce giant is only a click away, we believe that Local is Mighty. From supporting your neighbors to preserving the unique character of your community, every dollar spent locally makes a tangible difference.

  1. Community: When you shop at a local store, your money stays within the community. Local businesses often source products and services from other local vendors, creating a domino effect that keeps the local economy thriving. The revenue generated helps to fund schools, parks, public services – the reach is far and full of impact. Partnering with local businesses has a positive impact for all of us, and Myti is passionate about putting those businesses in easy reach for you, the everyday shopper, to see exactly what local has to offer.
  2. Selection: Independent businesses are known for their carefully curated and one-of-a-kind products. Whether it’s handmade crafts, food and beverages, clothing, toiletries, health and beauty – shopping local allows you to find items that reflect and support who you are. One of the reasons that buying local is so appealing for so many is there’s a connection – you get to know the person, the story, and the “why” behind your purchase. With Myti, you still experience that “get to know you” community vibe while shopping online!
  3. Environment: Choosing local is an eco-friendly way to support the environment. By choosing nearby businesses, you reduce the need for long-distance transportation and excess packaging, which helps in lowering carbon emissions and reducing our overall environmental footprint. Additionally, local producers often embrace sustainable practices, such as using organic ingredients or reducing waste. When you shop through Myti, you’re not only keeping your dollars local and helping your community thrive, you’re doing your part to help the planet.
  4. Economics: Local businesses employ local people. When you choose to shop local, you help create and keep jobs within your community. These jobs often offer fair wages and better working conditions compared to larger, less community-minded employers. Myti makes it easier to keep those dollars local and boost the economy within your community with every purchase.

The next time you need groceries, a new outfit, or a thoughtful gift, consider exploring the local options available to you through Myti! You’ll be glad you did – we know your new favorites are waiting right down the street, around the corner, and in local shops all over your community.